How do you make purchased courses even more accessible? Allow them to be watched on TV.

After many rounds of texting and user surveys we were able to confirm that The Great Courses community consumed courses in a wide variety of places and situations such as during a daily commute or traveling, while walking, running or biking, and even when working, however a large portion were using their phones and tablets while just sitting in bed or on the couch with a giant video device sitting right across the room from them. The more few tech savvy users were striving to cast their app experiences to their Smart TVs, but often fell short due to technical issues. Knowing that a large portion of the customer base had some sort of OTT (Over The Top) device (the vast majority having Roku devices) we knew it was high time to make the move to the Television.


Journey Maps


User Testing

UX/UI Design



The Great Courses



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Main OTT Screens (Roku)

The main OTT screens for Roku are shown below. The biggest challenge for porting the design over from device to device was typically accommodating the 'action/select button' as it differs on each device. There were some asset and styling differences we had to overcome as well such file formats for icons (SVG vs. PNG vs. PDF), the ability to dynamically create rounded corners and other styling embellishments as well as the support of varying animation and interaction capabilities. A few of the Main Roku screens are shown below.

Loading Screen

Home Screen

Search Screen

Course Screen

Account/Settings Screen