30+ exclusive and advanced pro sporting and betting tools that are quantitatively driven and guided by DFS experts through statistical data coupled with original content and line-up advice to help users Gain an Edge.






UX/UI Design



Adobe CC




After an extensive site audit, card sorting exercise and content restructuring, the TQE responsive website was improved on many levels and a mobile app is underway. The navigation was reclassified, reorganized and greatly simplified allowing users to find the tools and information they were seeking much more quickly and easily. Mobile and tablet views got rid of the ‘burger menu’ in favor of adopting an app-like navigation that enhanced discoverability and ease of use tremendously and drastically cut down on the ‘hunt and peck’ methods that were previously present.



Once the content was reorganized, I moved to a wireframing round to show potential improvements to the layout and overall user experience bringing more modern video and image playback enhancements to the forefront to help engage and satisfy users.


After gaining stakeholder and user buy in on the proposed wired layout and early IxD prototypes, the user interface, user experience and user interactions were designed and defined in a robust prototype built with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD which can be seen in the video screencapture above.

Product Development

Perigee engineers constructed a Beta app based upon my designs to over 150 users across country using Apple’s Test Flight environment. Using usertesting.com for remote testing and in person testing with a handful of local users we learned a lot from observing in their context. This process was invaluable in capturing actual runner feedback of PRsue, which allowed Perigee engineers to refine the server API and search tools, as well as add the server performance enhancements needed to support production. Minor UX/UI modifications were also made based upon user feedback.


With the Proof of Concept design completed and prototyped, stakeholders were able to approve the project into the technical phase. The development is underway and early feedback has received favorable feedback from many bettors and fantasy sports enthusiasts involved in the beta project.

Homescreen Designs

NFL Fantasy Tools Screen

Mobile Article Screens

WR/CB Matchup Tool