Hello. I'm Darren!

I create effective, efficient, and engaging products, brands and experiences.

About Me

My name is Darren Kurre -or- 'DK' as many call me. As an experienced multidisciplinary designer, director, researcher, and entrepreneur, I am constantly striving to find the perfect balance between identifying complex design and usability challenges and the work required to create effective, efficient, and engaging products and creative solutions.

I design digital products — web, mobile, and OTT applications mostly these daysfor organizations who need a strong design and technology partner to help see their visions and missions through.

I also design clean, and easy-to-use responsive web experiences that drive and enhance performance while transforming business outcomes. My network is full of talented and principled innovators who are eager to do work that matters and improve their expertise while pushing brand, product, and user experiences to the next level. Together we create lasting value through technology and some hard-core creative problem-solving.

Additionally, I love to invent, evolve and promote brands. Brands are at the core of any product and the way they are perceived largely depends on how they are designed and marketed which is an area where I thrive.

Whether you need of any of the aforementioned, to logos and marketing materials, to illustration and animation, to signage and large-scale trade show exhibits and everything in between, I have you covered.

I have been in the design and tech industry since the mid-to-late 90s, with a focus on continuous growth and innovation not only for myself, but as well as anyone I have been fortunate enough to partner with over the years to help create more immersive products, brands, and experiences. As we continue to march into the ever-evolving future of design and tech, I remain dedicated to partnering with the right people and companies to help revolutionize digital, creative, and product solutions that make an impactful difference for companies and to the world.

Let’s craft your next product or experience together.